Serious Game


SIM4NEXUS has developed a Serious Game. The Serious Game is a computer game that aids learning about the Nexus by helping users to understand and explore the interactions between water, energy, land and food resources management under a climate change context, divides the problem into manageable interventions, and allows participants to learn by doing. The ultimate goal of game development is to create a fun and interactive capacity-building tool to be used in research, educational settings and management.

The SIM4NEXUS Serious Game enables players to implement policies in a gameplay environment and explore how policies impact on different Nexus components.
Summary information is given about policy actions, assigned costs and potential benefits; this facilitates scorekeeping according to both financial and social capital metrics.
Costs are tallied against benefits, which are revealed as gameplay progresses. This allows a player to measure progress and compare to others.
It is built upon system dynamics models with a sound scientific basis.
The Serious Game
•    Includes • a strategy map that facilitates comparison of policy impacts in different regions,
•    a virtual card table in which policy cards can be applied through a drag-and-drop interface, and
•    a visualization system that shows the impacts of users’ decisions on the model.
Go here to play the SIM4NEXUS Serious Game; the game is optimized to work on the Chrome web browser, and is also able to perform on Firefox.

You can find a short demo-video on YouTube.


DNC 2020 Special Session ‘Learning through Serious Games – Play and learn about the water-energy-food-land-and-climate nexus interactions!’


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