Case studies


12 case studies will be developed during the project at regional, national, continental and global scale. The case studies will serve as test-beds for the models, the integration methodologies and the Serious Game. In all the case studies, the aim is to study the Nexus trade-offs and the impact of different policies for the future. In all regional and national case studies, we are planning to engage local stakeholders and decision makers (actors) for the development and testing of the strategies, the policies, and the Serious Game. Stakeholders will be involved from the start of the project.



Lead Partners: WUR-LEI, Radboud University

This case study addresses Europe as a whole, examining different strategies for the future like the biodiversity strategy and the WFD. We will investigate barriers of integrating policies in European legislation and focus on medium-term pathways for sustainable growth till 2050 and the interaction among different components of the Nexus. This case study will partially draw from the regional and national cases. Outcomes from thematic models that already represent Europe (e.g. MAGNET, CAPRI etc.) will be combined with methodologies of integration, with public domain data, through a Serious Game at European level, for demonstration, educational purposes (e.g. for University students). To account for trade-offs and indirect effects, the modelling capacity will also be applied to asses the effect of EU policies on other world regions.


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